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EA Sports F1 2022
EA Sports F1 2022

September 14-16

The 2022 Pro Series season kicks off with a visit to the Bahrain International Circuit, before races at Imola and Silverstone.


Race 1 (Wednesday)

Bahrain - Bahrain International Circuit

Qualifying: P2 Thomas Ronhaar, P14 Piotr Stachulec
Race: P17 Piotr Stachulec, DNF Thomas Ronhaar


Race 2 (Thursday)

Italy - Imola

Qualifying: P1 Thomas Ronhaar, P4 Matthijs van Erven
Race: P4 Thomas Ronhaar, P6 Matthijs van Erven


Race 3 (Friday)

Great Britain - Silverstone

Qualifying: P3 Thomas Ronhaar, P14 Piotr Stachulec
Race: P2 Thomas Ronhaar, P15 Piotr Stachulec

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