HF1 At The Circuit: Giuliano Salvi

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. – Each week off, a new edition of “HF1 at the Circuit” airs on Haas F1 Team’s social platforms, introducing fans to teammates across the organization.

This week, we were able to catch up with Giuliano Salvi, Haas F1 Team’s race engineer for Kevin Magnussen.

Salvi manages performance and operation for Magnussen’s car and explains why he believes that qualifying is the most interesting, albeit stressful, portion of his role.

“There is no time to react in case of problems,” Salvi notes. “It is the most interesting part, I think, of my job, because in that case you need to stay calm, first of all, and you try to give this sensation of “everything is under control” even if it’s not really true. Especially to the driver, because the driver is under a stressful condition, and then to the guys that are behind in telemetry.”

Hear more about Salvi’s position with Haas F1 Team by watching the full edition of “HF1 at The Circuit” above.

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