HF1 at the Circuit: Meet Peter Wright

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. – Each week off, a new edition of “HF1 at the Circuit” airs on Haas F1 Team’s social platforms, introducing fans to teammates across the organization.

This week, we were able to meet Peter Wright, one of Haas F1 Team’s garage technicians.

Wright is our resident tire guru as he is responsible for looking after all of the tires during a race weekend.

“I started many years ago, I was in British Touring Cars, and I was lucky enough to get a chance with another F1 team. I’ve always enjoyed doing tires.”

When the opportunity presented itself to work at Haas F1 Team, Wright was enthusiastic about the opportunity. His advice to others looking to get into a garage technician role?

“You get into it because you want to do it!”

Hear more about Wright’s experiences as a garage specialist in Formula One in the full edition of “HF1 at The Circuit” above.

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