HF1 At The Circuit: Rich Hutchinson

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. – Each week off, a new edition of “HF1 at the Circuit” airs on Haas F1 Team’s social platforms, introducing fans to teammates across the organization.

This week, we were able to catch up with Rich Hutchinson, Haas F1 Team’s senior power unit installation technician.

Hutchinson's primary role at the track is to manage the smooth operating of the power unit from a fluid and pressure adjustment level, installation of the power unit to the chassis, and all of the associated cooling systems within: the water systems, oil systems, intercooling systems, and the gearbox systems.

“Once the power unit’s installed on the car and we’re running it effectively and as efficiently as possible, my role sort of then substitutes into a support," Hutchinson notes. "(I also) provide support from a senior level, to the younger guys, to help bring them up to speed with what we need to do here."

Hear more about Hutchinson's position with Haas F1 Team by watching the full edition of “HF1 at The Circuit” above.

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