HF1 At The Circuit: Stuart Cramp

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. – Each week off, a new edition of “HF1 at the Circuit” airs on Haas F1 Team’s social platforms, introducing fans to teammates across the organization.

This week, we were able to catch up with Stuart Cramp, Haas F1 Team’s chief mechanic.

Cramp is the liason between the engineering departments and the technical team at track each weekend.

“Formula One’s a very engineering-led discipline, it’s all driven by a big group of engineers," Cramp describes. "Our job on the technical side of it, is the assembly of the car and making what they want to happen from a theoretical perspective happen on the car. If you like, I’ll be the guy who’s in between the engineers and the mechanics who are building the car. So I need to interpret what they want and ensure that’s something that can be realistically done or achieved in the time frame available and with the equipment we’ve got."

What is the most challenging portion of the job?

Cramp explains that working towards time frames is a large part of his role and while the team is very reginmented, he notes that, “It’s when things go wrong that we need to be more adaptive, for example if we’ve had a crash before qualifying, that’s when the pressure comes on, and that’s the point at which you need to sort of push a little bit more, find that little bit extra to achieve the goal.” 

Hear more about Cramp's position with Haas F1 Team by watching the full edition of “HF1 at The Circuit” above.

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