HF1 at the Circuit: Stuart Morrison

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. – Each week off, a new edition of “HF1 at the Circuit” airs on Haas F1 Team’s social platforms, introducing fans to teammates across the organization.

This week, we were able to meet Stuart Morrison, Haas F1 Team’s senior press officer.

Morrison is the man behind the drivers each weekend as he is responsible for managing the public and media relations on a week-to-week basis for the team as well as keeping fans up to date via social platforms during a race weekend.

“My overall function is to manage the PR and media relations on behalf of the team over the course of a race weekend. Primarily, that involves working with the drivers, dealing with the media requests that we have for them, coming in on Thursday at the track - which is traditionally media day … and then for the remainder of the race weekend, from a media perspective, we arrange group sessions after Friday, after Saturday, after Sunday; giving the media access to the drivers, so I oversee those.”

What is the most challenging portion of the job?

Morrison dishes that it’s a balancing act to, “make sure that the drivers’ time, sponsors’ time, promoters’ time, that everybody gets their pound of flesh, so to speak.” 

Hear more about Morrison’s experience as a press officer in Formula One in the full edition of “HF1 at The Circuit” above.

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