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Haas F1 Team Electronics Department
Haas F1 Team- Electronics


A competitive team must evolve and improve continuously.  At Haas, people are of central importance to the evolution, and we aim to introduce aspiring professionals to our industry and team through an internship program.  An early exposure to a high-performance professional environment can be beneficial to a student to inform the regarding the demands of working life beyond an educational environment – whether rhythm, practical trade-offs of thoroughness vs speed, communication and relationships, or technical competence.  At varying times though, the year we offer internships related to all our functions.  The most important selection quality to Haas, however, is the personal qualities rather than area of expertise.  An intern that can listen, communicate clearly, and attack their work with unbridled enthusiasm will succeed; we will help such individuals develop their skills no matter how their preferred area of expertise may evolve. 

IT Intern

IT Intern

“Thanks to Haas F1 Team, I have been fortunate to work on the design of the WT model, but I have also been able to learn from other areas attending to WT sessions or aero development meetings which has allowed me to broaden my knowledge in different fields surrounded by incredibly talented and friendly people in the pinnacle of motorsport. No doubt it has been a fantastic kick start for my career.”

Jorge Nozal

"It was a great experience where I was able to become quickly involved in many interesting areas. I met a lot of helpful and experienced people who helped me to grow as an engineer."

Mantas Brazdzionis

Current opportunities

Haas F1 Team Accounting Internship

Kannapolis, NC 28081-6441

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