Breakfast at Monaco

How to Host a Haas F1 Team Viewing Party

In honor of the Monaco Grand Prix, host a "Breakfast at Monaco" race-viewing party to kick off motorsports' most glorious day. These DIY Haas F1 Team party ideas include decorating tips, a playful breakfast menu with recipes, and lots of inspiration!

Breakfast at Monaco Food Menu:

Since you’ll be hosting this breakfast during the big race you want guests to be able to move around freely so they can watch, eat, and cheer on Haas F1 Team at the same time. For this reason, you will want food that is easy to serve, prepare and eat. Here are our recommendations: 

  • “Pirelli Donut Tires” – Nothing will fuel your race viewing party better than these “Pirelli donut tires”. Simply pick up chocolate cake donuts from your local bakery and have fun crafting these treats! For authenticity, use purple, red or yellow frosting to write as that is what tire compounds teams will be able to use during the big race.  
  • “Haas Avocado Toast” – Haas Avocados … Haas Automation, Inc. … Haas F1 Team ... need we say more?
  • “Kevin Magnussen’s Danish Pastries” – Pastries are perfect for any breakfast party, but a Danish couldn’t be any more appropriate when cheering on Kevin Magnussen during your Breakfast at Monaco party. Fun fact: In Denmark these pastries are actually called, Viennese.
  • “Romain Grosjean’s French Toast” – A classic choice for Romain Grosjean fans to cheer on the French driver would be none other than, French toast! Serve the slices up with cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, berries, whipped cream or even just butter and they’re sure to be a party favorite. Fun fact: In France, the dish is called “pain perdu." 
  • “Carolina Barbecue Breakfast Casserole” – If you’re a fan of barbecue you’ve probably heard of Carolina Barbecue as one of the must-try foods in the South. We thought it would be fun to include it in our breakfast lineup since our racing roots reach across the pond to Kannapolis, North Carolina. We turned this southern staple into a breakfast casserole by layering and baking it with scrambled eggs, cheese, tomatoes, onions, and roasted potatoes.

Breakfast at Monaco “Lights Out” Drink Menu:

We have fans of all ages so here are three fun twists on traditional drinks – two drinks for our adult fans and one given the green light for our youngest fans!

  • “Red Light Bloody Mary” – If you’re not able to make it to Monaco to try Café de Paris’ famous Bloody Mary, recreate this Monaco must for your viewing party. We opted to use Texas Pete and Tito’s Handmade Texas vodka in our Bloody Mary to give a nod to our home track, Circuit of The  Americas.
  • “Yellow Light Mimosa” – Is any breakfast party really complete without a mimosa? We didn’t think so. This adult drink is the perfect yellow beverage to add to our “Lights Out Lineup.”
  • “Green Light Juice” – Future racers will love this kid-friendly juice option when they see the track go green at Monaco! We used a combination of green apples, cucumbers, lemons and raw honey to make this drink delightful. Simply run through a juicer and your little one will be ready to roll.   

Breakfast at Monaco Decor:

The food table was definitely the focal point for us, and of course a television tuned in to the race will be vital (network coverage starts at 7:30 a.m. ET on NBC if you’re stateside). We obviously went with Haas F1 Team colors for the party using: red, white and black balloons, a red paper banner, and fun gear for guests such as foam fingers, megaphones and checkered flags.

  • Balloons – Balloons make any party more festive. We purchased six balloons from our local party store and mixed the colors together to add a pop to our table setting. Depending on the size of your space you could do more variations as these are an easy and inexpensive decoration item.

  • BannerGrab a red banner from your local party store and cut out some Haas F1 Team logos to put on each of the pennants. This will be sure to make your party stand out from the rest!

  • Checkered Flags –These motorsports icons definitely brought the feel that we were looking for. We placed them in vases around the table and they could even be taken out for kids to play with during the race.

  • CenterpieceThe fun centerpiece we found at our local party store. It was the focal point of the food table featuring racing flags along with some sparkle – kids will love it, too!

  • Foam Fingers – We stocked up on foam fingers to use as decoration, but also so guests could have some fun cheering during the race. These are great to send home as party favors!

  • Menu Card – Be sure to have a menu card written out so your guests know what they’re eating. The food can look great displayed on the table but half the fun is reading the play on words and seeing the race correlations listed out!

  • Haas F1 Team Gear – We snagged a Haas F1 Team diecast to use on our table as part of the décor and that helped to tie in the team livery with the party spread – after all we want guests to know who they’re cheering for! You could also utilize additional items from our online shop such as: fan flags, hats, coffee mugs, and lanyards to really drive home the Haas F1 Team vibe.