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The VF-19 on display at the Motorsport UK FIA Girls On Track event
The VF-19 on display at the Motorsport UK FIA Girls On Track event

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the VF-19 was proudly on display at Motorsport UK’s FIA Girls on Track event in Manchester. The day, created to inspire the next generation and #BreakTheBias, had various activities for local schoolgirls aged 11 to 13 years-old, including being shown around a real Formula 1 car.

Back at base, the female taskforce of Haas F1 Team gathered to discuss what the day means to them and how as individuals and a collective, we can #BreakTheBias.

Staff connected from the US, UK and Italy to share their own experiences and brainstorm how staff and the team can directly create a positive impact for future generations.

Visibility and accessibility were both regarded as key factors when supporting the next generation of women within the workplace when looking at the motorsport industry as a future career path. 

The implementation of regular work experience opportunities, workshops for students at the UK factory and initiatives for schools at track will be introduced this year and once established will be expanded to the US and Italy in years to come. 

“It was the first time a discussion like this has taken place at Haas F1 Team. We’ve taken a proactive approach in reviewing gender equality within our hiring process over the last couple of years, but it was eye opening to understand what female members of the team have experienced throughout their education and career. The overwhelming theme that came from the conversation was that visibility is key to breaking bias and through ideas from my team I’m looking forward to actioning initiatives that should help to inspire the next generation of people looking to start a career in motorsport,” commented Guenther Steiner, Team Principal of Haas F1 Team. 

“Without the women in our team we simply wouldn’t be able to race, it’s as simple as that. Female staff work in every department within the company and I’d like to personally thank Claire, Bahareh, Jess, Lauren, Nunzia, Alex, Lara, Abby, Francesca, Tracy, Jennifer, Kimi, Monica, Gloria, Aly, Valentina, Elisabeth, Kate, Amber, Laura, Elisa, Sam, Lisa, Lyndsey, Camila, Anna, Renna and Kerstin for everything they do – on track and at the factory,” added Mick Schumacher, driver for Haas F1 Team. 

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