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Oliver Bearman

Now we've got to know Ollie a little bit better, let's get to the hard-hitting questions. Is he a dog or cat person? We find out with our quickfire round...

Sweet or savory?
I'm very sweet. I have the worst sweet tooth ever. Don't let any sweets get near me because I can't control myself.

Cats or dogs? 
Dogs all day. I had a Husky when I was born, so I'm always very comfortable around dogs. Now we have an English Bull Terrier called Freddy and a Boston Terrier as well. They’re going to need to come to the track at some point. But as a family, it’s like a zoo at our house. We have some horses, we have rabbits, and we have the cat as well.

Street track or custom-built circuit?
I do like the thrill of a street track, especially the iconic ones like Monaco, but even the more modern ones like Baku. I also like permanent circuits like Silverstone. They pose different challenges, but overall, I prefer street tracks.

Day race or night race?
Night races are cool and my first Formula 1 race was a night race, so I’d have to go with that.

Warm or cold weather?
Since I’ve lived in the UK for a while and I moved out, I’d definitely say warm these days.

Favorite food?
I would say a pizza or a carbonara. But never pineapple!

Movie or TV series? 
I like TV shows a bit more just because I have a short attention span. I watched Gladiator recently, and I really enjoyed that. Shawshank Redemption as well, my taste is a bit older than current films I’d say.

F1 Hero? 
Michael Schumacher.

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