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Kevin Magnussen, Haas F1 Team
Kevin Magnussen, Haas F1 Team

Kevin Magnussen previews this weekend's Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, which will be his first ever visit to Imola.

Imola marks Formula 1’s first official two-day race weekend.  Does it increase your anticipation and excitement, or does it add pressure knowing there’s a solitary practice before qualifying?  

“Well the Nürburgring ended up being a two-day event, obviously it wasn’t intentional, but that’s how it went. It made for a pretty exciting race. I’m hoping to see the same again. It does add a little more pressure to get your act together quickly, but I think that’s a pretty cool thing.”


Formula 1 has visited several tracks either new to Formula 1 or perhaps not utilized by the series in a long time – such as Imola. Have you enjoyed the opportunity to run at some of these venues in Formula 1 this year?

“I’ve enjoyed it. It’s been great to learn a few new tracks. I think it’s thrown a few unknowns into the races, and some of the teams have struggled with strategies while some drivers have made mistakes. It’s been a pretty eventful season in terms of stuff happening in the races – and there have been some pretty spectacular ones. I think it’s been a positive.”


The flip side to visiting those venues in 2020 is that you’re missing out on driving some favoured F1 tracks normally found in the latter half of the calendar. Which circuit are you missing the most from the regular F1 schedule and why?

“Surely Monaco and Japan. Those two races are always a highlight of the year. Driving around those two tracks, for completely different reasons, is exceptional. Monaco is such a cool track to drive and it’s such an intense weekend.”


You haven’t raced or tested at Imola at all in your career.  What do you know about the circuit in terms of its layout and demands and how best to attack it in a modern Formula 1 car?

“It’s a completely new track to me. I’m going to have to get to know it quickly as we only have that one practice session. It’s going to be a nice challenge. I know it’s a really cool track – one that I’ve always watched on television in the past when I was watching Formula 1 as a young kid. I’m happy I’m finally going there.” 

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