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Kevin Magnussen, MoneyGram Haas F1 Team
Kevin Magnussen, MoneyGram Haas F1 Team

K-Mag previews this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix as we race in Europe for the first time in 2023.

Following the decision to not hold the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix due to flooding in the region, Formula 1 travels next to the Principality for the Monaco Grand Prix. In a calendar full of ‘stand-out’ events, what does Monaco mean to you?

“First, we’re hoping for the best for the region and people of Emilia Romagna and neighboring areas. Of course, it’s sad to cancel a grand prix but I completely agree with the decision. Monaco is a special event for me, one of the most special of the season. Monaco is the best place to drive a Formula 1 car. Of course, it’s very narrow and it’s a small track, but it’s fast so you really feel the speed.”

Kevin Magnussen, MoneyGram Haas F1 Team

Qualifying has become the most intense part of a race weekend with timings and minimal traffic key to getting a clean flying lap. No place is that more important than in Monaco where the risk of yellow flags is high and traffic’s inevitable. How does a driver and their team work together during a session to best navigate all the variables? 

“Qualifying is the most important part of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend. It’s a very small track and traffic at the end of the lap before you start a flying lap can often be a challenge. Communication with the team and trying to set yourself up with a little bit of extra tire temperature and brake temperature before having to bunch up in the queue before you start your lap is important. 

"It’s also a little random, so it’s hard to fully prepare for, you’ve just got to be mindful and just try to make the best out of Turn 1 as you’re often going to arrive there with cold tires and brakes so it’s a bit of a compromise.” 


The Circuit de Monaco is narrow and its street circuit characteristics don’t lend themselves to overtaking. What set-up do you need on the car and is this a track where you expect the VF-23 to be successful on?

“You base your set-up fully for qualifying in Monaco. You’re trying to get everything set-up for that one lap because overtaking in the race is next to impossible. You make or break your weekend in qualifying so it’s really all about one lap performance and I think that’s what makes Monaco unique as well. 

"It’s all about going fast on that one lap in qualifying. I think that’s cool to have, there’s almost no other place on the calendar that has that characteristic so I’m really looking forward to it. I see no reason why the VF-23 won’t be strong there, it’s been pretty strong at all of the races this year, and I don’t expect any difference in Monaco.”

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