Meet Haas F1 Team: Ryan Dyer

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. Meet Haas F1 Team garage electrician, Ryan Dyer. Dyer manages designing, planning, installing and maintaining the high voltage electrical in the team’s garage, I.T. equipment and rigs.

“I got started here in November of 2016 so I have been here near enough from the very start! I had previously worked with the team manager and we were always on the same wavelength, he knew I was a good worker and so here I am!”

What do you do during the off season?

“During the off season we get some time at home to see our families, wind down from a hectic year and just have some time to enjoy ourselves and of course Christmas time! We go back to work in January and will progress on making improvements to our equipment for the upcoming season, checking all the equipment, installing new systems and so on, to make everything at the track smoother. It’s a busy time of the year and before we know it February rolls around and Barcelona testing calls!”

What is the most rewarding part of the job?

“For me the most rewarding part of the job is definitely when we overachieve. Our first race in Australia in 2016 our aim was just to finish, and then we pulled out sixth place and it was a surreal sensation. Everyone had worked endless hours to make it all happen and for me that was a reward we were more deserving of than anyone. Likewise, Mexico in 2017 we weren’t looking sharp at all in practice or qualifying, and then we fought off Alonso and Hamilton on the last four laps to take eighth place. I look forward to where the team is going and can’t wait for the day we get our first win, knowing I’ve been here since the very beginning to help create it.”

Do you have a favorite track to go to and why?

“Tough question. As a whole experience I would have to say Circuit of the Americas, its similar to England with its lifestyle but it has some awesome places to eat and drink. There is always a great artist performing there and the Americans are very welcoming. However, Baku City Circuit is a really cool circuit and the race last year was full of thrills and spills. It has overtaking corners and really fast straights – K. Mag was even sitting 3rd at one point of the race there in 2017 too!”

What advice would you give to a new F1 fan?

“It’s a bit tough to advise a fan, because they are watching the sport as they enjoy it. But I would say, if you wanted to make it more interesting, look past the immediate vision. When you start looking into teams tactics, tricks and strategy, that’s when things start getting really interesting. A basic example of this may be, during qualifying, if you are in the top-10, you must start the race on the tires you qualified on. So, in some cases, it may pay to aim for 11th and start with a fresh set of tires rather than a set partially worn.”

What is one thing about your job that fans might not know?

“I think fans might not think about everything that goes on behind the scenes. There could be issues with communications to the car, power, I.T. all happening behind the scenes and no one would know! We had an issue in Canada last season when the circuit had a power issue during qualifying, and we were all running around behind the garage trying to get all of our generators out to keep anything powered that has a prime focus on the car. I was running cables over and under things all whilst we still have to run the car, fuel it, etc. It can be a huge rush, but it’s a good buzz as well. And all before this, we head out a week before every race to set this all up!”

What advice would you give to someone trying to work in F1?

“I would say to persevere, a lot of the time it isn’t easy to get into. Maybe try entering at lower levels such as F2, GP3 or some sports car formulas. Be prepared for a lot of time away from home, and most of all, be certain about what you want to achieve from it. A win at Mercedes is considered the norm, but a fifth-place finish for us is an amazing result. Likewise, I’ve been here since before our first season, so that fifth-place feeling is all the more awesome when I reflect on how my skills have helped achieve that. It all depends on what you personally want to get out of it.”