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Kevin Magnussen, Silverstone
Andy Hone's top picture of the British Grand Prix weekend.

Time to take a look through our favorite shots from Silverstone, and the British Grand Prix weekend.

As usual, we've asked Haas F1 Team photographer Andy Hone to choose his favorite capture from the weekend. This time he's selected this shot of Kevin rounding the final corner in front of the impressive Silverstone paddock building.

Kevin Magnussen, Silverstone

Andy's Take: "The flat airfield like nature of Silverstone makes it difficult to find dynamic imagery around the circuit, the high speed nature also naturally increases the run off distances.

"However you get some big dramatic skylines quite often here and the distinctive “wing” pit building gives you something to work with.

"At the second Silverstone race this weekend we’re going to have to be a little more creative and find some new angles. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in and seeing what we can find!"


Haas F1 Team pit stop

All hands to the pumps: Finessing our pit stop times can be the difference between making and losing places in the race on Sunday, so we need to make sure we’re as quick and thorough as possible. The team perform practice pit stops every day between Thursday and Sunday on race weekends, which amounts to somewhere in the region of 40-50 times in total.


Kevin Magnussen interview

Big Kev, Little Kev: Andy pictured Kevin in front of his larger-than-life print out, applied to the drivers’ temporary portakabins which are in use at the circuits at the moment. Captured during a media session on Thursday.


Romain Grosjean Juggling

Eyes on the ball: Hand-to-eye co-ordination is key for F1 drivers. One of Romain’s regular exercises to prepare for sessions is juggling a set of tennis balls, with his trainer Kim.


Kevin Magnussen, Silverstone

Friday angles: The bright sunshine made for excellent photo opportunities on Free Practice Friday. Kevin is photographed coming around the final corners, with the ‘Silverstone Wing’ paddock, which was opened in 2011, pictured behind.



Kevin Magnussen, Silverstone

Practice starts make perfect starts: Kevin lines up with a number of other cars to test the getaway setup and controls on the car to ensure everything is set for the race start on Sunday. Drivers often perform practice starts at pit exit at some tracks, but with Silverstone’s tight and unsighted pit exit, it isn’t possible here, so the end of Free Practice chance is the only opportunity they get.



Guenther Steiner, Silverstone

Stay Hydrated! Guenther offers photographer Andy a water bottle ahead of a scorching FP2 session, on the hottest day of the year for many parts of the United Kingdom.



Kevin Magnussen, cockpit

Fully Focussed: Kevin keeps watch of his monitors shortly before the start of FP2.



Romain Grosjean, Silverstone

Mastering Maggots: Romain flies around Maggotts during qualifying, one of the fastest corners on the F1 calendar.


Romain Grosjean, Silverstone

Matching the McLarens: With two early safety cars, the entire field bar Romain, pitted for new tires, as we gambled on a different strategy. This enabled Romain to climb to fifth and dice with the top of the midfield. Unfortunately, with no further safety cars, the gamble didn’t pay off.

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