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Haas racecar on wet track
Andy Hone's top picture of the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend.

It was an action-packed race weekend for us at the Hungaroring - let's take a look at our favorite pictures from the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Haas F1 Team's photographer Andy Hone has chosen this picture of Romain Grosjean splashing his way through wet conditions in FP2, as his top capture of the weekend.

Haas racecar on race circuit

Andy's take: "This time in Budapest, we had mixed conditions all weekend and that means photographers needed to have wet weather protection on hand. It's quite awkward to use our equipment with this on, albeit a necessity. 

"This image in FP2 came about when I watched the cars passing me at high speed and could see the dramatic way the water displaces from the tires and around the bodywork (85 litres of water per second on the full wet).

"Although I could see it happening through my own eyes it was particularly difficult to capture in the camera using a 500mm lense with a 1.4x converter and the car only around 10m away."


People sat in front of back drop

Danube Scenes: Romain and Kevin speak to the world’s media in front of the impressive Budapest cityscape at sunset backdrop.


Haas racecar on race circuit

Going around the bend! After disrupted Free Practice 1 sessions in the first two events of the season, getting 70 laps in the bank on Friday morning set us in good stead for the weekend.


Haas racecar on race circuit

A sign of things to come: As Kevin rounds Turn 5, rain clouds swarm above the Hungaroring in the second half of FP1, signalling the weather ahead for Friday afternoon.


Racing mechanic on road

Ready and waiting: Front jack-man Rob and the crew await the arrival of Romain Grosjean at the end of FP1.


Haas racecar on race circuit

Spray clouds: After 70 laps for the team in the morning session, steady rain limited us to just seven laps in FP2. Romain splashes his way through one of his five laps run on full wet tires.


Haas racecar on race circuit

Sparks will fly: Romain’s floor catches the surface of the track, showering sparks in his wake during Saturday lunchtime’s FP3.


People walking

Qualifying conflab: Kevin is consoled by his trainer Thomas, following an early exit in Qualifying, with Magnussen coming 16th.


Haas racecars on race track

Brave Call: With track conditions appearing drier than expected on the formation lap, Kevin and Romain dived into the pits to switch to slick tires, a move which saw them reach the heights of P3 and P4 early on in the race, as the whole field switched for dry tires.


Haas racecar on race track

Keeping the prancing horse at bay: Kevin’s brilliant race pace saw him extend the gap to Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, who was on aging tires, towards the end of the race. After once running close, the end of race gap between K-Mag and Leclerc was 18 seconds, which was key following the application of a 10 second penalty due to an infringement in the F1 Sporting Regulations, caused by pit-wall calling in the drivers on the formation lap. It meant that Kevin retained his place in the top 10, scoring a point for him and the team.

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