• Our Year in Numbers

Our Year in Numbers

We love numbers in Formula 1. Hundredths of seconds, 0.1-degree angle changes on wings, fractional top speed gains on the straights.

Well, we’ve taken a look over our 2019 campaign at Haas F1, and here are a handful of figures on what it takes to run a Formula 1 team for a season.

Starting off with our 2019 car, the VF-19. Its total mileage over the course of the season is a staggering 17,658 miles (that’s 28,461 kms). You could travel from the west coast to the east coast of America and back three times, and still have some mileage in the bank!

The figure takes into account both Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen’s total laps in all Practice, Qualifying and Race sessions at each of the 21 races.

Spa-Francorchamps was the circuit where we completed the most mileage on a race weekend, 989 miles, with Silverstone being our lowest mileage circuit of the season; covering just under 600 miles.

Between them, Romain and Kevin clocked up a total of 5,659 laps over the course of the 2019 season. The race weekend where we completed the highest number of laps at was Monaco. It is the shortest circuit of the season.

Over the course of the year, our pit crew completed 64 racing pit stops, with the exhilarating German Grand Prix featuring the most. The changeable rain conditions meant that 11 tire changes took place on the Sunday, all executed brilliantly by the team.

In getting to the 21 venues our core race team, who are based in Banbury in the UK, took 35 flights to and from the Grand Prix. That’s 114,814 air miles (184,775 km), which is almost half way to the moon or four and a half times around the equator.

Just over 7,000 hotel room nights have been booked for our travelling staff across the course of this season.

Of course, with long and busy days at track each race weekend, our travelling crew of up to 100 members, and the guests, need drinks and several meals during each day.

It’s estimated 15,000 cups of tea have been drunk over the course of the season, and approximately 27,000 espressos have been consumed, for all those early morning starts!

The catering team have also used around 13,000 eggs and 600kg of pasta in 2019; that’s almost the weight of an F1 car.